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The In-Tech Slip Meter
Powered by a standard 9v battery, you just switch it on and it's ready to go. It works by simply measuring friction...
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The in-tech X3 Slip Meter

Measure ‘slip’ and manage floors safely.

Easy electronic operation gives you the flexibility to carry out testing anytime. An audible signal that the test is complete and digital display give accurate straightforward results every time.

-Easy to use
-Works on all types of floor surface including stairs and ramps
-Helps you conform to workplace regulations and H&S requirements.
-Develop and institute a floor safety assurance program with long term record keeping
- Instant on site evaluation of floor treatments and maintenance for cleaner, safer floors
- Investigate complaints and accidents
-Costs just £349 plus VAT

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Free Downloads for your use.
BS5395 Part 1 1977 Guide to Slip

BS5395 Part 1 1977 Guide to Slip Resistance.

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We work hard to maintain our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards.
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