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The in-tech slip meter in use.

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Can you afford to be without it?

For an easy to use tool that does so much, so straightforwardly, the in-tech X3 Slip Meter comes with a relatively low cost of just £349 plus VAT. This includes twelve months' warranty, carry case and 2 types of test pads.

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Price: £349 + VAT

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Free Downloads for your use.
BS5395 Part 1 1977 Guide to Slip

BS5395 Part 1 1977 Guide to Slip Resistance.

How does it work?

Powered by a standard 9v battery, you just switch it on and it's ready to go. It works by measuring the slip resistance factor - easy to understand instructions mean you can start using it straightaway.

We designed it for maximum convenience, and the audible signal and digital readout gives you the slip resistance figure at a glance.

You can then easily measure this against the various workplace regulations. In particular the readings have been designed to directly correlate with the number values of the BS5395 Part 1 1977 Guide to Slip Resistance.

Technical specifications
  • • Solid state technology - no moving parts
  • Unit dimensions (HxWxL)
  • Unit weight ….gms
  • Audible signal of completed test
  • Digital display including ambient temperature and time
  • Automatic data hold function
  • Auto calibration / zero
  • Takes single 9v battery
  • Low battery indication

Slip Meter Product Image

These state, for example, that anything over 0.75 is regarded as suitable for high risk areas; anywhere between 0.40 and 0.75 is allowable for normal use. Below 0.40, and you're looking at a potential safety problem.

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